Founded by the visionary Liubiana in 2020, Soul Dance Studio emerged as a vibrant heartbeat in the dance scene of Dubai, UAE. With a passion for movement and a desire to create a haven for dance enthusiasts, Liubiana envisioned a space where the spirit of dance transcends boundaries, and individuals come together to share the joy of rhythmic expression.

Our Dance Palette: Brazilian Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, Tango

Soul Dance Studio specializes in the artistry of Brazilian Zouk, where fluidity and connection intertwine in a dance of sensuality. However, our dance palette extends beyond Zouk, encompassing the spirited rhythms of Salsa, the romantic allure of Bachata, and the dramatic elegance of Tango. Each style is a unique journey, and at Soul Dance Studio, we invite you to explore the rich tapestry of movement and emotion that these dances offer.

Liubiana's Vision:

Liubiana, the driving force behind Soul Dance Studio, brings a wealth of expertise and a contagious enthusiasm for dance. Her vision goes beyond teaching steps; it embraces the transformative power of dance to enrich lives. With a commitment to excellence and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, Liubiana has cultivated a studio where every dance tells a story and every student becomes a storyteller.

Our Dance Community:

Soul Dance Studio is more than a studio; it's a tightly-knit community of individuals who share a common love for dance. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps, our welcoming environment fosters growth, friendship, and a shared passion for the art form. Join us on the dance floor, where connections are made, and memories are crafted through the universal language of dance.

Embark on Your Dance Journey:
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of Brazilian Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, and Tango? Join us at Soul Dance Studio, where rhythm, connection, and expression converge. Experience the magic of dance in the heart of Dubai and let your soul dance to the beats that resonate with your spirit.

At Soul Dance Studio, we don't just teach dances; we create stories, and each story is a dance.